Turbo Maintenance

Are you worried if the turbo on your vehicle, truck, Bus or industrial work

horse is still in good nic.

Well this is what this page is all about,

to help you help save your turbo.

Follow these simple rules of thump.

What not to do with your Turbo

BEWARE of DIY Turbo rebuild kit

February 05, 2016

This guide is intented to owners of a defective/worn out turbocharger looking for a REBUILD KIT on ebay.

By means of objective information, this short guide is aiming at one of the most pathetic Ebay racket, namely the "DIY TURBO REBUILD KIT " myth!

This old and still ongoing hoax consists in leading people to believe they can remanufacture a turbocharger at home, with basic hand tools and no particular knowledge or instrumentation, by simply dropping-in a "kit".

The ebay peddlers retailing these kits are laughing at you when selling 4$ chinese kits at 300% profit. They don't care if it works or not, what happens if it doesn't and why, because by the time the customer attempts his home made "REBUILD" and finds out the outcome, they're long gone with your money! and  still out there selling more of the same thing under another ebay name! 

WHY a  "turbo rebuild kit" will not allow to reliably remanufacture a turbocharger ?


Five Ways To Extend Your Turbo's Life

February 05, 2016

Turbocharging is enjoying a second renaissance thanks to its one-two-punch of power and fuel economy.

Whereas regular ("naturally aspirated") engines rely on size or high RPMs, turbocharged motors deliver power in compact packages and torquey-punch at lower engine speeds.

When you put your foot to the floor, the increased load churns out exhaust pressure — spinning the turbine (which spins the compressor-side of the turbo via connecting-shaft). That allows a smaller engine to suck in as much air as a larger one.

Mix the extra air with extra fuel, and the smaller turbo engine makes more power than it could alone. Keep the turbo at arm's length and the engine operates as frugally as its smaller size allows. This magic and wizardry does come with added responsibility to car ownership though.

Turbocharged cars have added complexity in their design, with additional parts to potentially fail. The turbo itself requires a bit of vigilant care, lest you incur expensive repairs.

Here are five ways you can help extend the life of the turbo in your car.

Regularly Scheduled, Synthetic Oil Changes:

Common Turbo Faults and How to Spot Them

February 06, 2016

In this post, we’ll be sharing some of the knowledge about common causes of turbocharger damage, and teaching you how to tell when your turbocharger is in need of a service, repair or rebuild.

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