Turbo Rebuild














We at Turbo Finish rebuild all makes and models of turbos. A standard rebuild is a rebuild in which there are no internal hard parts (compressor wheel, turbine shaft/wheel, bearing housing)  that need repair or replacement. A standard rebuild includes a complete balance, complete rebuild kit with new thrust parts (where applicable), and thorough part cleaning. Your turbo will look like new when you receive it back from us.

The first step in the rebuild process is a full inspection. If any of the hard parts are found to be damaged at this point, we would contact you and give you a full quote for repairing or replacing the parts. There is no upfront payment or deposit required, and you are not obligated to complete the rebuild after you have received a quote (if the rebuild will be much more expensive, or costly, than what you had planned, for example).

There will be an inspection fee of R250 if you do not proceed with any work, there is no inspection fee if you go ahead with the rebuild.


Turbo Balancing














If you would like to have your turbocharger components balanced, you can send it in for this service. We balance any turbo big or small, we only use state of the art VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) machines. Core balancing is the method required by turbo manufacturers to ensure that a repaired turbocharger meets quality standards. Our VSR balancing machines offers a 100% quality control system which both measures and corrects turbocharger vibration throughout the entire speed range, from zero up to 200,000 rpm. This ensures quiet turbocharger operation and a longer service life.

But please do note, that only a turbo that is in 100% working condition and free from turbo shaft play (bearing wear) and or any turbo damage can be balanced to OEM spec.

Use the contact us section of our website to inquire or you may call us at the office.